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    Hello and thanks for participating in the forum!

    I’ll start us off with asking for feedback from the community on an issue I’ve been wrestling with in our sim operations over the last few years. I would love to hear what others are doing in similar situations. Also, I’m hopeful that this will encourage you to share some of your challenges you’ve had related to your sim operation as it’s likely, given the depth of experience of our subscribers and board members, others have addressed similar issues at their institutions that may be of benefit.

    Okay – here goes! First I sit on the board here at the NWSA, but my day job is as Department Chair for the EMS department that is jointly managed through OHSU and OIT where we primarily teach EMT and paramedic students. I also work with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVFR), a progressive large Fire and EMS agency in Washington county, on a number of system level quality assurance and training initiatives. Anyhow, all that to say I’m involved in both simulations for traditional academic student learners and professional EMS workforce learners.

    What to do with sim videos?
    While video capture certainly has numerous pros and cons in sim, I’m interested in a couple specific related questions. Our academic sim practice has resisted releasing team based sim performances directly to the students involved due to concern (unfounded?) that a student may post the team sim performance on the internet showcasing another (not consented) team member’s errors. I also suspect the video of the student’s sim performance is likely considered part of their university educational record, and thus FERPA protected (similar to HIPAA for those not in academia). We’ve explored only providing students access to the videos through our Learning Management Software (LMS) system or on a closed network, but we are not convinced that these are secure methods and that eventually we will hear from a former student (or his or her lawyer!) that our practices prevented them from obtaining employment. Interestingly, or maybe as some may have expected, this is a non-issue in the TVFR workplace and the videos are widely distributed to all team members involved as well as their chain of command.

    So, how do you handle video distribution of team based sims in your environment? Are all performances treated the same or if there is a really egregious error is that treated differently? For those of you serving professional workforce learners, what’s your practice of making available team based sims?

    Thanks for taking the time and participating in the forum!

    – Jamie

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