Oregon Simulation Alliance Accomplishments

  • Created a highly collaborative alliance composed of statewide coalitions of healthcare institutions and educational programs and individual organizations and institutions.
  • Conducted site meetings in 17 communities around the State to organize and create local conditions of multi-sector, multi-disciplinary organizations and to assess local simulation readiness.
  • Raised $1.57 million to launch the statewide simulation network, purchase high-fidelity simulation equipment for coalitions around the State, and to further the user of simulators in Oregon healthcare industry.
  • Awarded 15 grants to local coalitions in Oregon for the purchase of healthcare simulation equipment.
  • Established statewide pricing agreements with the three simulation equipment vendors.
  • Formed a governing council to provide strategic direction for the Oregon Simulation Alliance and to carry out its goals.
  • Purchased an unrestricted license for a Simulation Foundations curriculum and trained trainers
  • Purchased an unrestricted license for a Simulation Specialist-Apprenticeship course and trained trainers
  • Purchased an unrestricted license for a Simulation Technician course which was supplemented to reflect additional user needs.
  • Hosted the Center for Medical Education Debriefing Education course
  • Provided free training to 157 Oregon health care professionals.
  • Provided cost-shared tuition/travel reimbursement to 45 individuals for simulation related training.
  • Developed a pre-hospital and an emergency room bioterrorism scenario for the Oregon Department of Human Services to utilize for first-responder training statewide.
  • Offered two Simulation Summit education and networking conferences attracting over 200 participants.
  • Developed a business plan.
  • Established a web site
  • Developed a variety of survey instruments
  • Developed a Subscription for Services program which will be implemented July 1, 2008.