♦ New B-Line Medical West Coast Consultant



  • Marlon Hall is the new West Coast Consultant for B-Line Medical covering CA, NV, ID, OR, WA, AK, HI, & Western Canada.
  • Having worked for Johnson & Johnson across all 3 Sectors of the company (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, & Consumer Products), Marlon brings a tremendous amount of Healthcare expertise and experience to the Simulation Field.
  • He has a strong customer-centric passion for Healthcare Professionals, and remains committed to ensuring satisfaction in all phases of the sales cycle.
  • Marlon’s goal is to provide premium resources to institutions that depend on outstanding quality of care and continued innovation.
  • Marlon is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park where he received a B.S. in Kinesiological Sciences.
  • Marlon also has a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Whittier College School of Law.

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